Yummy Treats in Hawaii

Part of me is sad they don’t remember some of the fun things they liked doing when they were younger and we lived on Oahu, but it’s also pretty cool to see their excitement when they find out they actually get to drink out of a real coconut and it was one of their favorite things to get when we went to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet!

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Another cool and refreshing treat is Hawaiian Shave Ice!

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Too busy to Shaka 🤣🤣 When I was a kid growing up in Massachusetts , shave ice was called a snow cone. The roller rink was the only place that sold it and it didn’t come with amazing toppings! My favorite toppings are vanilla ice cream, condensed milk, adzuki beans & boba. Hawaii’s Shaved Ice game is on point! 👊🏼

What’s your favorite Hawaiian Shaved Ice toppings?

Protein Chocolate Bites


These were so easy to make and it provided a quick and easy breakfast for the kids that was packed with good nutrition to get them started in school with a sweet twist to get them devouring them!

Mix together the following in a blender for best and quickest results:

1 cup of Oats

2 scoops of Young Livings Protein Complete

2 oz Organic peanut butter, no sugar added (measure by weight, I used kitchen scale it’s less clean up)

1/4 cup of mini chocolate chips (I used the Enjoy brand, they have less sugar, but taste great!)

2 oz of Almond Milk

You can scoop and form into a ball or press into pan and chill before serving.


Morning Muffins to Protein Morning Muffins

My kids love it when I make muffins on the weekends, I had fond memories of making breakfast with my dad as I was always the early riser in our house. He used to pop me up on the counter so I could help stir the batter (mostly for pancakes) and help him flip once I got old enough. So I enjoy having my kids help me too, I hope they cherish these moments as they get older!

I usually make blueberry muffins but my kids scarfed them all down already and I had no frozen back up! I decided to make a Spice Muffin instead, using some Essential Oils to flavor them. One thing I dislike about muffins or pancakes is that it’s low in protein. If my kids don’t get a good protein in at meals they are hungry in a hour and digging in the pantry! I didn’t want to cook eggs as well so I decided to try and add my new protein powder I got a few weeks ago.


I followed the recipe on back of box for the muffins. I adjusted it by adding 2 drops of each essential oil: Cinnamon Bark, Clove, Ginger, Nutmeg. I then added 4 scoops of Young Livings Pure Protein Complete to the batter and an additional 1/2 cup of no sugar added Almond Milk. That added an additional 50g of protein to the mix! Score! Now my balance of carbs was lower then my protein so they can officially be called Protein Morning Muffins!

Now I was taking a huge leap of faith, since I’ve never tried this before! I hoping 1. It would bake up ok 2. It would taste good!

Thankfully it baked up great at the original recommend baking time of 22 mins!


Now the real challenge: The Kid taste test!



I have plenty to seave for breakfast the next few days so school mornings will be much easier!

Back to School: School Shopping


I was about to head out this morning to do our back to school shopping. I had the three lists printed out, I was frantically trying to get the kids up and going but they just were not having it this morning! Keao was the only one ready and willing to go shopping, which is so rare for her! Keanu slept the latest but still woke up a grumpy monster! He got some Stress Away rubbed on him and laid down for a bit! Kai got dressed, barley ate and then came to me crying as he was trying to brush his teeth. His lymph node in his jaw/neck area was swollen and painful. This is nothing new, anytime his body starts fighting something off, that is the first thing to swell up! We quickly did our home remedie treatment using essential oils. As I was rubbing some on his neck he asked if we could just stay home today. At that point I was completely on board with that idea but knew Keao would be disappointed that she couldn’t get her school supplies. I quickly thought and said to her “Hey! You want to grab my computer and shop on Amazon for your school supplies?” She got excited and said “Can I search for Pokemon folder?” Sure what ever floats your boat right now! I thought… haha crises adverted! Thanks Amazon!

If you don’t have Amazon Prim you need to! Free shipping and Free 2-Day shipping on most stuff is just about the best thing since ice cream! (I know the pun is supposed to be Sliced Bread but Ice Cream was a much better innovation!) They have a Free 30-Day trail membership, after it’s only $99 for the year! If you do any Christmas Shopping online it will save you 10x the cost of membership! I even ordered some organic and gluten free snack items for school lunches, talk about easy! Too bad they don’t have produce!


Kids lunch boxes


I was making my kids lunch like I do each morning. Usually this is a tedious task, but one I do each morning so I know my kids are getting the best quality food they can. My daughter came home yesterday telling me the schools new cafeteria will have a salad bar. I looked up the cost, and I was shocked by how much the school lunches cost- $2.25 each! I have 3 kids in school so that would be $6.75 day, $33.75 week, or $135 month! Yikes!

Today I got creative and had bit of fun! I made sure to show them the faces since I didn’t think they would stay in place after bouncing around in their back packs. They laughed and asked why one was sad. I said well wouldn’t you be if you knew you were going to be eaten. They cracked up 🙂

Today one had PB&J and the other two Dairy Free Diaya Cheese and mustard on Udi’s GF bread, they were supposed to have Boars-head turkey but I think my hubby snagged the rest for his lunch. Orange, pickles, carrots, orange tomatoes and mini cucumbers rounded put their meal.

Other Great ideas, check out my Pinterest folder

Being Transparent, Combating Stress and Fresh Meal Delivery


STRESS! ugh! I think stress play a huge role in our road to health and happiness. Just think about it, have you ever seen a happy, fit stressed out person? Nope me either! But unfortunately we all have stress in our lives and we need to figure out constructive ways to handle or reduce our stress. I have been thinking about stress a lot these last few months since my stress level has spun out of control, effecting me in many ways. I frankly am tired of being stressed out, so I started thinking about how to DE-stress my life, but I had to dig down and ask some questions, I had to be honest with myself about what I was doing and then find a solution.

First I think you need to figure out the root of the problem, I was very quick to get annoyed with my husband and my kids and blame them, but they were not the cause of my frustration just a product of it which compounded the problem. For me the root of my problem is Pain. I have a medical condition that effects my legs, it causes swelling, easy busing and CONSTANT pain. My condition is effected by my hormones and this past fall I had developed a few ovarian cyst which kicked my leg pain into high gear. I can’t get rid of my pain right now, but I can deal with how I respond to it.

Next I looked at what in my life do I do now, or always have done to combat stress. Sometimes this is not always a positive thing, like turning to food for comfort. For many years eating my stress was normal, almost ingrained into me. I felt my self slipping after my bought with the ovarian cysts so I buckled down for a bit, and did a 24 Day Challenge, but once I was done I started to slowly slip back into my bad habits trying to feed my pain induced stress. I love my sweets- my handful of chocolate chips turned into 2-3 a day and that tub of GF cookie dough I bought for the kids was eating completely by me! Wine or more recently Hard Apple Cider became my relaxing drink after teaching boot camp (I know BAD!), and my easy go to foods of Nachos, pizza and burgers made weekly appearances. Even though we eat DF & GF, its still not healthy for you everyday, not to mention I was doing everything I tell my clients NOT TO DO! And too much sugar and salt also effects my legs. One positive thing I turn to is exercising, this started in college but exercise has become much more important to me after having kids. Its become my de-stress time, it was my hour of me time, to push myself physical and mentally to reset myself to take on the challenges of raising some great kids. BootCamp gives me my strength, shows me I’m capable of being strong, of becoming stronger. Teaching is that and so much more, I have to push my self physical but mentally connecting the two leading the class, watching peoples form, and connecting with those in class. Those who know me or take my class laugh with me at the fact I can’t talk and count at the same time, but I’m getting better and when I slip up they get be back on track, and they don’t really mind the extra reps, Right? 🙂 I love to swim and bike, this actually helps my legs so much because its low impact and helps push fluid naturally out of the legs, since our neighborhood pool is closed for the winter and its been to cold to ride my bike theses have slipped out of my routine, which does not help my pain!

Ok so far I realized Pain is my root cause, my nutrition is slipping which is causing more pain and lack of exercise (biking and swimming) is also causing me more pain. This then carries over into keeping up with the house work, my business and most importantly my relationship with my husband and my kids. I feel like I have no time during the day to keep up with stuff around the house not to mention just doing stuff I enjoy like crafts or art. I started to wish I had some sister wives- I seriously told my husband he could take some on if one cooked, one cleaned and one watched the kids- he looked at me like I was crazy! lol, it was my low point! Hiring a cleaning lady crossed my mind many time but frankly I would be the type to clean before the cleaning lady came because I was embarrassed there was food stuck on the floor board. I actually don’t mind cleaning, I think its my OCD but I cant stand a dirty messy house. Yeah I’m not one of those you will see posting one of these:


Nope I’d go crazy seeing stuff on the floor, I can’t relax and enjoy my kids and a crazy mom makes for unhappy kids! So I had to figure out what I did not enjoy doing and that has become cooking and cleaning the kitchen. I used to enjoy it, hence all the food post, but have you noticed I’ve been MIA on that front??!! Why can’t I have a personal chef, you know the ones that are on duty in your house wearing a white chefs coat and whipping up yummy food on the whim…. thanks Hollywood for making me wish! Too bad I cant eat out every meals, we would go bankrupt if we did, I would eat fries at each meal and having kids sit still in a restaurant is not so easy. When I was in college I remember there was a fresh meal delivery services, although it was too expensive for me on a college budget it got me Goggling “healthy meal delivery Charleston” To my surprise there were two businesses here locally. One in MT. Pleasant and one in the West Ashley area. I contacted both to see if they could accommodate our food allergies and one of them, Charleston Fit & Fresh could! The cost was very reasonable, I’m actually saving money each month. I looked at what I had been spending on grocery shopping, and dining out. I was so surprised at how much we truly spent! Not to mention the gas used going to the store, the time and hassle of shopping with kids!


I decided to try it for a week to see if my husband, the kids and myself like the meals. I met with Jon and Lindsay, who are the brains behind Charleston Fit & Fresh They are Certified Personal Trainers and Nutrition Counselors, like myself. They both have been a pleasure to work with, I had many questions about making our meals GF/DF and ordering so many meals, they both have emailed or called me back and been so helpful. Lindsy even was trying out a muffin recipe she uses made without a milk based protein powder for us and she sent some samples. They were great!)
Its been 5 days so far and I have to say I am SOLD on Charleston Fit & Fresh! Here is how it works:
You sign up online and pay for your meal package. Its so flexible you can order one meal a week or 3 meals a day for 7 days plus snacks and deserts. After you pick your meal plan you choose your meals from a drop down menu, orders are due by Friday by midnight for Monday delivery. Your freshly prepared meals come in cooler bags, delivered right to your door.



Since we ordered 3 meals a day for 7 days our delivery is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The don’t have kid sized meals so my 3 kids (9,5,2) split one adult meal perfectly! We have all enjoyed the meals, the chili, pulled pork and salmon have been a huge hit for dinner and the kids loved the Cobb salad and me and Mark really liked the Sesame chicken noodle and Nicoise salad! Each week their menu changes so we are looking forward to trying some new food choices!

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I think fresh wholesome meal delivery is such a needed service in our lives, it the perfect balance between fast food and home cooked meals. One of the biggest things clients tell me is they don’t have time for shopping for healthy foods, which takes a lot of prep time, packing and taking lunches and snacks to work. In our busy lives with sports practices, games or after school activities I can see busy families thriving off this service. Charleston Fit & Fresh even has a family meal plan for dinner for those busy evenings! So check out their service, let them know you heard about them from me and post some photos of your yummy food & feedback on my FB page! Ill be posting more there myself!

Luckily I have found a great Dr, who is actively trying to help me control my pain level with out doping me up because I hate taking medication, especially narcotics! Next week I start water therapy and I’m planing on hitting up some CrossFit Classes just to work on me and be a student. I don’t want to know it all, or ever be perfect, or even be free from struggling each day. I love learning new things, I think the process makes me stronger, allowing me to grow as a person, and become a better trainer/coach.

So dig down, ask yourself what is the root cause of your stress. Find something that you can adjust in your life to reduces that stress and work through it! I believe we each have that power within ourselves!

24 Day Challenge!

The 24 Day Challenge is an excellent way to jump-start your health goals! The challenge is designed to help you learn how to fuel your body with proper nutrition and healthy supplementation. The challenge is broken up into 2 parts. The first 10 days is the cleanse phase. This is easy and gentle on your system, so no need to stay home close to the restroom! You will be eating 3 meals a day and 2-3 snacks as well! Lots of good healthy food, and lots of water! A complete guide will keep you on track with the help of your coach! Find my 24DC Guide and cookbook on my website here. Also look on the blog for challenge friendly recipes.

People choose the challenge for many reasons. Often it’s for weight-management but its really for anyone that wants to look, feel and perform better in their everyday life or in their workouts. A custom plan can be made based on your needs, so work with a Advisor who can truly help you!


Days 1-3: Spark, Fiber Drink, Catalyst start your morning off on the right track. Omegaplex (high grade fish oil) is taken at 2 meals and then the Herbal Cleanse tablets are taken at bed time. * Tip: Mix the Spark first, then add fiber drink to that and slam before it gets thick! I think it taste like supper pulpy OJ!

What’s Catalyst? Its one of my favorite products and an add on to the Challenge! It helps maintain muscle mass during exercise, and helps repair & protect muscle tissue.


Day 4-7: We stop the fiber drink and take the Probiotic Restore in the morning with the Spark. Omegaplex at two meals and Herbal cleanse tablets at night.


Day 8-10: Restart the Fiber Drink! Take Catalyst and Probiotic Restore in the morning with the Spark and Fiber Drink. Omegaplex at two meals. No more Herbal cleanse tablets at night!


Day 11-24: This is called the max phase. You will start you MNS3 vitamin strip, which contains your daily nutrition of Multivitamin, Calcium, Omegplax, Probiotic, and a few others to help with appetite control, metabolism and immune system boosters. See photo below.
Keep up with Spark and Catalyst. I use Biotools, a 2 part system, also to help improve muscle performance and recovery through a formula of antioxidant rich botanicals combined with B vitamins and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).


SO what’s the Cost??? The retail price on the Bundled 24DC kit is currently on sale till January 21st for $175. With 2 bottles of catalyst it will be $238. Which is less then $10 per day! Want to save even more? Sign up as a wholesale customer for $79, receive $50 of Spark and Slam for signing up and you get 20% off! No auto ships or min orders! Bigger discount of 25-40% off are also available. Ask your Advisor for details for ordering options for getting the higher discount!


What happens after the 24 Days?

You continue on the Max Phase, and can add on other products based on your needs. Many people choose to add on products from the Performance Elite line to aid them in getting more out of their workouts! Check out the products and time line here, but speak with your Advisor for help: www.advocare.com/elite/

Need a Advisor to work with? Contact me at kara@rit-fit.com or find one in your area by searching on AdvoCare.com

Beach Day, Surfing Weekend!


Surfing is our family sport. Much like an all day soccer tournaments or swim meets, surf comps last all weekend. So that means a lot of prepping of food for me! This day we had to be there super early- like 6 am. So I HAVE to start my am with a Spark! This last me all day, no crash like coffee and a whole lot less calories- because I like my coffee light and sweet!


I made egg and bacon wraps for breakfast. My husband didn’t want the eggs in a muffin so I tried these and it turned out great!



Lots of fruits and veggies to snack on and PBJ sandwiches.

We also bring GF pretzel and Tortilla chips and salsa. Lots of snacking stuff. I let the kids pick all day. With the heat and them being in and out of the water its hard to round them up to all sit and eat. We also bring water for everyone and Rehydrate!

This weekend we will be at it again for the McKevlin’s Gromfest.

Check Muddy Buddies

This is one of my family’s favorite snacks! I’ve tried making it with less fat or sugar so I could enjoy it more but its not the same! So save it for those special times and enjoy it!


9 cups Rice Chex®, Corn Chex® or Chocolate Chex® cereal (or combination- I like the majority to be corn as they hold up better)
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips (find Dairy and GF brand)
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup dairy free butter (earth balance) I have used coconut oil- just reduce as it makes it more soggy.
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar

I found using an extra large cake pan works great for mixing it all in, but find something large you have room to stir it thoroughly in!

1. Measure cereal; set aside.
2. In 1-quart microwavable bowl, microwave chocolate chips, peanut butter and butter uncovered on High 1 minute; stir. Microwave about 30 seconds longer or until mixture can be stirred smooth. Stir in vanilla. Pour mixture over cereal, stirring until evenly coated.
3. Add powdered sugar. If you have a large pan you can sprinkle sugar over and stir it up or use a large paper bag or 2-gallon resealable food-storage plastic bag. I have even used a trash bag (clean of course!) in a pinch which actually works great! Seal bag; shake until well coated. Spread on waxed paper to cool. Store in airtight container in refrigerator.

You can add different things in to your mix to make it your own! I love GF pretzles and dried cranberries.

You can find the original recipe here as well as many others! http://www.chex.com/Recipes/RecipeView.aspx?RecipeId=45860