Cross Country Crunch

Well we were FINALLY able to make plans once all the RV repairs were done! If you ever need RV service or parts and you are in PA, I highly recommend John’s RV & Trailer Center in Jacobus, PA.

Leaving was a bit hard. The only times I’ve seen my dad cry is when I leave and oh man it breaks my heart, but it was even harder because he enjoyed the boys so much! I am so grateful for our time in PA and although it was RV issues that kept us there for so long, I know God had his hand in the mix and knew we all needed the time together!

I decided to leave on a Thursday night after my dad got off work and we had dinner together. I figured it would be easier to say bye at night & I could beat the morning traffic, thankfully I did that because it snowed overnight!  Not a lot but enough to of made me nervous driving in the snow.  My husband flew into BWI and I found a Crackle Barrel to park at overnight right outside of the airport. He landed at 6am &  took an UBER to the RV.  We went right back to sleep and the boys didn’t even wake up!


After a hardy breakfast to “pay” back our over night stay we hit the road to  Virginia Beach to visit some old Navy friends.  It was a quick overnight stop, but we had a great meal,

snuck in a quick ER trip before breakfast and had some yummy pancakes before we left in the morning.

I was REALLY bad about taking photos, we were just too busy chatting it up!


The next day we headed out towards Charleston, SC! We were all so excited to go back to our old hood and visit all of our friends! I think we all feel like Charleston is our home, especially our kids because they remember it the more then Hawaii but it’s truly because of our amazing friend in our old neighborhood!

The drive was SOOOOO long! We all just wanted to get there! We were a few hours latter then we had anticipated pulling in about 9pm at night. We were staving so we had to stop for food. We were craving wings from Voodoo Tiki Bar. I had pulled over so my husband could jump out and go pick up our togo order. I told him I would pull through the neighborhood behind the bar and pick him up on the other side. Well I turned a bit too soon and ended going through the back ally of the parking lot. It was a tight fit but thankfully the RV handles like a boss!  We were planing on just sleeping in the RV outside of our friends house, but ended up staying inside, who can turn down a big bed you don’t have to pull out! lol


The next day was filled with hanging out, walks around the park, potluck with friends, kids having a blast together again, RV tours, being reminded how bad the bugs suck , lots of drinks and laughs late into the night.


We had a great visit in Charleston, it defiantly wasn’t long enough but we are on a time line to get my husband back to the ship! We decided to drive straight to San Antonio, TX so we could have a day to sight see, so that meant 2 very long days of driving! The first day was good and we pulled off before Biloxi, MS at a rest stop for the night.


Longest day ever!

We left at 7:30 am
Hit traffic at 5pm so pulled over for few hours to eat, take a shower & relax.
8pm back on road but after 2 hrs I was DONE driving! It took me 3 rest stops to finally find a spot to pull over at for the night. We didn’t quite make it, but we only have 133 miles left to go!


San Antonio TX !! I booked us at a KOA. We stayed 1 night, and its a very nice RV park!  We had an upgraded camp sight with patio, table, fire pit and grill. Every camp sight should have those amenities! The boys enjoyed the playground, playing hockey with dad and diner and S’mores over the fire pit!

After we checked in we took an UBER to the Riverwalk, found a TexMex restaurant… where I could enjoy a margarita of course!

We walked around and went to the Alamo. It was the anniversary of the fall of the Alamo which I had not been aware of when I planned our trip.  I wish they had some sort of Jr Ranger booklet like the National Parks do but I didn’t see anything.

We decided to do the Riverboat cruise which was great & very informative! We defiantly learned more on the cruise then we did walking around the Alamo!


Long Drive day with a over night stop at a rest area. I am so grateful I chose a Class A RV to travel in. It makes traveling so much more comfortable and easy to just pull over and stop. If we had a trailer or 5th wheel it’s still doable but a bit harder, especially if you have slides or are not set up to boon-dock!


White Sands National Monument, NM

Bucket list items!!!

Way cooler then I expected! Loved we could drive the RV right in and hang out! They had these great little picnic tables with shelter over them, which would be perfect for hot days! Since we got there in time to enjoy lunch we took full advantage of them! We got some sledding in before the winds made us run back to RV! That sand hurts!

The boys worked on their Jr Ranger booklets in the RV and we went to the visitors center to finish them up, They then turned them in & received their Jr Ranger Badges!


We decided to skip our next stop after I realized it would be a few hour round trip off the highway and just drive straight into San Diego. We were doing good on the mountain climbs but I made the mistake of pulling off for gas before a BIG climb, like literally right at the base of the hill. Once I started to pull onto the highway I knew it was going to be hard to get up to speed with such a climb!

Before that it was easy sailing at 70mph but I was only pulling 55 up the hill, Big Betsy was doing pretty good. Unfortunately I was watching the heat gauge creep up when I found out I actually have a heat alarm! Devils pass on I8 into CA almost got us, but thankfully they have places to pull over for overheating vehicles. We only needed 5 mins of cooling off the engine. It was 40 degrees outside so that helped!  I had pulled over almost at the top so restarting wasn’t to bad! Then it was back to normal speeds for us!

We pulled into our RV spot just after the office closed so the night host showed us to our spot. We got all set up and the next morning we woke up to water views! I am defiantly going to enjoy this beach front living!


Gettysburg National Park

What a great day to check out Gettysburg National Park with my dad who is a Civil War buff. The boys earned their Jr Ranger badges, and the highest badge since I miss understood the directions 🤣🤣

 I had them do 6 actives which was a lot and had me questioning why this was so hard! But these books are based on a point system which I had not encountered before so they did way, way more then needed! 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ 

At least they learned a lot! 

We drove around to the different sights in Gettysburg. The history of the area is so fascinating and the views are spectacular!


We had an amazing opportunity to get a behind the scenes private tour from the XO of the USS Constitution! 

How amazing is that!?

A huge THANK YOU to our friend Manny for pulling some strings!

The CO had one of the sailors who was up for her qualification as an Historian 2 accompanied us.

What an amazing opportunity to be apart of her qualification!

We learned so much more then I had imagined! And she passed! 🙌🏼

We were able to see inside some areas that are usually off limits like the gun powder storage area! We had to climb down a hatch in the floor and the space was tiny!

Before we did the tour we visited the Museum first. This was a great way to introduce the boys to the ships history and I think it helped them connect what our guide was talking about because they saw some of those things in the museum! Plus they had more questions to ask too!

I highly recommend making this a top priority visit if you are in the Boston area! The Naval sailors are so proud of their ship and eager to share the history with visitors, it truly is a unique experience!

New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park


The City That Lit The World

New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park is located in downtown New Bedford with in 13 block area. It’s a cute town of historic buildings with ocean themed knick knack stores & art galleries tucked next to restaurants along cobblestone streets.

We started at the national park visitor center after finding street parking. Just FYI you have to download the MobileNOW! Parking app on your phone to pay if your short on change.  No credit cards are accepted in the machine.

We stopped at the desk for the Jr Ranger Booklets. We walked around and read the displays on the wall but I’ll save you some time time- just go watch the 20-minute orientation movie! It’s a great little movie and the boys enjoyed it more than me reading to them!

They learned all about whaling. Why people hunted whales and how they were used (products produced) How colonist learned how to whale, where the whales were located, what the economic impact was and ultimately the environmental impact. Also, the roll it had in slave freedom and diversity acceptance in New England.

Very informational!

There is a small hands on area for kids. My youngest loved the city area he could move the wooden house around on. He learned about the different buildings that were used by the docks and in the town of New Bedford.

We walked around the streets looking for things on our scavenger hunt activity which was fun!

Once they finished the booklets the boys turned them into the Ranger & answered a few questions before getting sworn in!


Visitors Center

33 William Street
New Bedford, MA 02740

Minute Man National Historic Park

“One if by land two if by sea!”

After our day in Boston yesterday doing the Freedom Trail, the Minute Man National Park was the perfect follow up for the boys.

The park is dedicated to teaching us the history of April 19, 1775, the night the British marched to Concord to seize the weapons stores and capture the Patriot leaders, Sam Adams & John Hancock.

The visitors center was great! Giant displays with information on each of the key players on both the Patriot & British side. There is 30 minutes informational hologram video with interactive map in the auditorium, complete with display of what the Tavern looked like. It was so informative and kept the boys memorized the entire time!


After viewing the displays and movie you can walk down the road the Midnight Riders & Red Coats took from Boston to Concord along with some historical buildings.

Sights, like where Paul Revere was captured by the Red Coats on his midnight ride to warn the people, is marked.  Along with the different sights of gun fights that broke out and buildings that were significant from that time.

Jr Ranger Booklets can be gotten at the welcome desk. Once complete turn into a Park Ranger!


Minute Man Visitor Center
Eastern entrance of the park just off I-95 on Rt 2A.
Lincoln, MA 01742


The Freedom Trail, Boston MA

People think I’m crazy for travel alone with my kids or driving a 35ft RV. Which I actually might be! Ha! But I would be even crazier to let fear hold me back or rob my kids of something amazing.

I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been 100% easy or fun but you have to pull your big girl panties up so you can have these experiences.

Rental car view! Not driving RV into Boston!

I had been to Boston at least 3 times as a kid for field trips but I had never actually been inside any of the buildings along the Freedom Trail.

Seriously! How sad is that!? So much History!

The boys walked a lot today and learned a ton to earn their Jr. Ranger badges. Keanu even said “Mom I’m literally going to DIE if I walk another step!” But every step was worth it and a ring pop had him skipping down the sidewalk so he obviously didn’t die!! 

We did find the farmers market at Haymarket Square, which was amazing! I snagged strawberries and blackberries $1 for each container! And the boys each got a pear to snack on while we walked back. 

Street Dance Preformance Group

I can’t tell you how awesome the Jr Ranger program is, you just have to grab a book and see how much you can learn. It’s not easy & they don’t hand those badges out like candy!

The highlight for Kai was getting to be an apprentice to the printer at Faneuil Hall! He even got to keep what he printed. How awesome is that!

Have you visited a National Park or done a Jr Ranger Book?



Fishing in MN

6/24/18 Sunday

My In laws took us out on their boat & the kids got to go fishing. The boys had so much fun despite the lack of biting fish. We then headed over to my FIL cousin house on the lake and kids went swimming for a few minutes since it was cold and windy! Kai is busy working on his Jr. Ranger Angler Badge for fishing! Just download the booklet online and they can do it at home!

I love that the kids can earn badges for things we get to do outside of the with family we are visiting!


Mt. Rushmore

Monday 6/18/18

Casper, WY to Mt. Rushmore, SD

I pulled a rookie move and forgot to get gas when I left. Luckily #waze was wrong on how far the next gas station was 🙌🏼🙌🏼 #wontdothatagain 😂😂


We left under sunny sky’s but it was cold! #55degrees #notsandleweather The rain set in and although we made it to #mtrushmorenationalmemorial you could not see it! Thankfully we have been there before! We were there so the kids could earn their #jrrangerbadge and eat #thomasjeffersonicecream 🍨🍨🍨🍨so I call that a successful trip!


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