Last Minute Trip to CA

To say this year has “gone as planed” would be a drastic understatement.

Between my husband not being gone as much as he was supposed to be, which was the entire point of us hitting the road. To us nowhere close to CA for this time of year, as I had planed. Not to mention all the RV issues we have had, we are defiantly feeling the distance, not just physically but emotionally.

We decided that it was time for us to reconnect and spend a full two weeks together. But most importantly my husband needed a break from the ship. He has a hard time NOT working, slowing down and relaxing. He is very good at his job and I am so proud of him for that but as his wife I know how much he needed a break even though he doesn’t think so! Even at that, he still had to go in 2 times in one day to take care of an issue. Ugh!

It was just what we needed. At times it was too long, others not long enough.

We talked about the past, and what the future holds for us. We are getting ready to select new orders soon. So we dived in and started to look at what area we want to live next. Its exciting and scary all at the same time.

We ate at all the restaurants we never got to and ones we loved.

We enjoyed drinks and sitting at the bar since we were sans kids.

We watched a lot of football

We walked on the beach

He avoided my selfies

But not for long

We sat in Balboa Park for 2 hours people watching soaking up the warm sun. I don’t think my husband has every sat still doing noting. It was great!

We saw every movie that was out. A Star is Born was my absolute favorite. See it in the theater with good speakers and recliners!

I pinned him to LCDR along with our good friends!

Leaving was so hard but we are making plans to be together before his deployment and we are all so ready for some good family time!