Paint, Paint and more Paint!

Paint is the best way to give a space a make over. For less then $100 and a two solid days of sweat equity I started to drastically change the look and feel of the RV.

The biggest and most dramatic difference was in the bathroom! The tub was yellowed from time. I noticed a Tub and Tile Paint Kit by Rust-Oleum at the store and figured I would try it. I was defiantly worried about it looking ok or holding up once we use the shower so I focused on cleaning it really well and using a 400 grit sand paper to prep the surface as the directions indicated. I also let it sit longer in between coats and we will not be using it till we are done renovating so it will have more then enough time to cure! (3 days is all that is required)

I used a Dark Blue paint on the bottom Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom and sofa cabinets. White went on all the upper and tall cabinets. The walls were painted a light gray.

This is my second time painting cabinets. Our home in San Diego I redid the kitchen. I used a the Rust-Oleum Kit . I could not find that here locally so I got Dutch Boy Cabinet, Door & Trim paint. I used a liquid degreaser and sander to remove the gloss finish, I did not fully sand the doors. Using that not only saves a ton of time but not having the dust was great!



6/29 Got the RV

6/30-7/1  Demo

7/2-7/3 Paint

Demo Day!

I bought a perfectly good RV and I just destroyed it the next day. Sounds perfectly sane!

All joking aside I did needed to do two major things.  First  was remove the carpet… there was carpet in the bathroom.

Who does that?

Seriously I have two boys… NOPE!

The other thing I needed to check and then fix was the shower surround. It was cracked and had silicone put on top of it to prevent water from getting in.


I honestly took a gamble but thankfully there was no water damage behind the plastic and the wall looked in really good shape! It had the same wall paper as the rest of the RV!


Once I started pulling up all the carpet I figured out how well built the RV truly was. The floor was installed first and the walls put on top of that. I had to cut all the carpet out from the edges. This was a huge pain but my walls are solid so there is that!

I saved the best for last… removing the carpet in the bathroom. I was really dreading that. I got up close and personal with that toilet more then I can to talk about and I finally realized the toilet was installed the same way the walls were… on top of the rug. To make matters worse, the two little nuts holding it onto the RV floor were in a difficult spot to reach. I had to call in my Father in Law to help. He thankfully had the right tools for the job and managed to pull it off pretty fast!

All the kids helped on demo day for little bits at a time. It was nice to have some help!  Keao was really great at taking down the curtains. The wooden box valences just had to go! They were outdated but also made the room look smaller. I was happy to see that the piece of wood that held the hooks for shades and curtain rods were separate. I’m leaving that in place. I plan on putting a small molding on it to dress it a bit but these will make perfect shelves for the kids to use for their small toys.

6/29 Got the RV

6/30-7/1  Demo

Big Betsy Ross… the RV

After months and months of looking, a few attempts at buying other rigs I finally found the “one”. I felt like I was dating again. This time around I was visiting RV dealerships like it was the bar and looking online like I was internet dating. I was falling in love, then doubt about the rig would set in and then came the  breakup. I even got dumped once (by the RV dealer) because our house was taking too long to close. Ugh that made me mad! Then I found another used rig I loved but then the bank got in the way of that relationship because they need our house to close and 30 days for it to clear off our credit. Ugh!

I then had to leave CA with no RV which definitely complicated things, especially having to store things I was going to use in the RV like kitchen supplies or books for homeschooling..

Thankfully  the “one” was waiting for me in Minnesota! As I sat in my in-law’s living room chatting about RV’s and looking online I found a used Holiday Rambler. It was defiantly in the antique category being 30 years old but it looked in such good shape and the milage was listed at 57K! I just had to go see it! The next day I called and it was still available so I told them we would be about 90mins. I get there and they said it was sold. I was shocked and said I had just called and told ya’ll I was heading down! Comes to find out there are a few locations and that RV was at the other location…. 90 mins away! Thankfully they offered to drive down and pick it up to bring it back so I could see it.  Just a few hours later I was back checking it out and it was perfect! I told them I wanted to get it inspected and if everything came back ok, I would like to proceed.

I set up an appointment (Friday 6/29) with a local dealership that services big trucks and RV’s for them to inspect the engine, chassis and generator. The mechanic brought me and my FIL back once it was up on the lift. He said he was very impressed at how clean it was, that the previous owner took good care of it and also put some money into it, that the water pump was new along with new belts. Everything else looked in good shape. He suggested a transmission service since it was coming up on the 60K mark but other then that it checked out great.

By 4pm we were back at the dealership doing the walk through and signing paperwork. Just a tip, if your paying cash and don’t have your checkbook call your bank and request a one day increase on your daily limit on using your debit/check card. Thankfully I called before we went back so there was no delay! I could of gone back for my checkbook but its a 45min drive one way!

I mentioned we needed to name our RV to the kids. Then next day Kai had said we should name it George because it’s a Presidential Model. I thought that was a cute idea but I have been calling the RV a “she”. We needed a girl name and Betsy Ross popped into my head. I asked Kai if he knew who she was and he did not. Cue in perfect time for history lesson! So now she will be known as Big Betsy!

I’ve got big plans for remodeling the inside to make it feel like its ours and fit our needs perfectly. There are two twin beds in the back bedroom and I will add a bunk over the back wall so all the kids can sleep in there. I figured with me as an early riser it was better for them to have the bedroom. There isn’t much room to add the frame above the other beds so they are going to need to put there heads at the opposite end.

Back bedroom

I know we won’t really use the dinette much but you know what would be really nice, extra shelving and counter space along with a washer!

I have read many review on RV washer machine options and the one item that had the best reviews  and comments was also the most inexpensive option! Its a small gravity drain washer that can do up to 11 lbs of laundry at a time. Its got a spinner to remove most of the water.  I will need to hang to dry but if I’m doing small loads nightly, I think this will be a great option.

Stay tuned for updates as renovations happen! Check in on Instagram as I posted there more often!