Skin Care: Toxin Free Before and After Sun Options

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and its so important for us to take good care of it. Beside safe sun practices that we will dive into soon, things like stress and diet hugely affect your skin’s appearance. Of course with my background as a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant I  have to pass on  some general health tips to keep your skin healthy from the inside out.

*Let’s dive into Nutrition & Wellness first!

Learning how to decrease stress and adopt a healthy sustainable diet are two key factors to beautiful skin.

– STRESS can elevate hormone levels making you more prone to acne; it can trigger psoriasis; and it can cause premature aging.

Use your favorite de-stressing techniques like deep breathing, prayer, meditation, and exercise to lower stress. I also love using Stress Away oil on my temples, the back of my neck, or in the diffuser to decrease occasional stress. Any high frequency oil can help support your emotional wellbeing.

– DIET is equally important. Collagen makes up 70 percent of your skin, and vitamin C plays a vital role in its synthesis. Antioxidant vitamins protect collagen, and vitamin A prevents dryness and roughness on the surface.

Essential fats are also needed for healthy skin.


Avoid sugar and processed food.
Avoid wheat and dairy. (I know this is SO HARD. Trust me I am right there with you! BUT we can totally do it!)
Eat healthy organic food like fruits, veggies, and protein.
Increase daily water intake.
Take your daily Young Living supplements.

YL supplements that support healthy skin:

NINGXIA RED is extremely high in antioxidants. One to two oz a day will do your body good.

SULFURZYME combines wolfberry with essential daily nutrients to support intestinal function and eliminate free radicals.

OMEGAGIZE is an omega-3, DHA-rich fish oil supplement.

LIFE 9 is a proprietary, high-potency probiotic that combines 17 billion live cultures from 9 beneficial bacteria strains that promotes healthy digestion, supports gut health, and helps maintain normal intestinal function.

*Now let’s dive into safe sun practices.

The excitement of longer, brighter, and warmer days can make some a little reckless when it comes to caring for their body.

Did you know that too much skin exposure to the sun can not only put you at higher risk of skin cancer but also can prematurely age the skin?

The sun can have a profound effect on our  skin, causing premature skin aging, skin cancer, and many other skin changes. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun accounts for most premature skin aging.

The Golden rule has always been to avoid the sun durning the 10-2pm hour. But let’s be real, that can be challenging when your out all day. So you need to understand what makes a good sunscreen so you can make sure you are protected properly.

You want to filter out UVA and UVB light waves in order to protect your skin. If you can’t avoid the sun, then you can use sunscreen to block those waves.

But what about all those chemicals found in sunscreens?! For example, do yourselves a favor and look up Oxybenzone. YUCK!

Thankfully Young Living provides us with before and after sun care we need, with out the harmful and questionable ingredients.

Ones that Protect, Nourish, &  Moisturize  the trifecta of skin care.


Before Young Living came out with their sunscreen I learned how to my own. I started doing that because my middle son Kai was allergic to sunscreens and would break out in horrible rashes. Thankfully with his darker complexion, avoiding the 10-2pm hours, sun shirts and hats we did ok when he was younger, but as he got older he didn’t want all that stuff on & we spent a lot of time at the pool or beach with our friends.

Now making your own sunscreen seams like a huge task but it truly is so easy! At the bottom of the page you will find my recipe, supply list and a copy of a Live Video I did for my facebook group a few months ago.

If you are not a DIY type of person, that’s ok! I was so excited that Young Living came out with their first sunscreen in 2017 and they just released a higher SPF this month! I actually keep a few tubes of the YL Sunscreen in my car and my bag when we are out exploring. I love the small packaging and it rubs in a bit easier then my homemade one. I also love to use this on my face!

What exactly is sunscreen and how does it work?

Sunscreen is NOT all about the SPF%. Shocker right!? SPF measures protection from sunburn, but not other types of skin damage. Good sunscreen needs to protect both UVA and UVB rays. Most Sunscreen on the market only cover UVB. If they cover both UVA & UVB it will be labeled as Broad Spectrum. But they will not be equal coverage based on the SPF value.

UVA  rays penetrate deep into the dermis, the skin’s thickest layer. Unprotected exposure can lead to premature skin aging and wrinkling and suppression of the immune system. (Remember UVA=Skin Aging & Damage)

UVB rays will usually burn the superficial layers of your skin. It plays a key role in the development of skin cancer. (Remember UVB=Sun Burn )

SPF 10-90% Blockage of UVB rays

SPF 15- 93%  Blockage of UVB rays

SPF 30- 97% Blockage of UVB rays

SPF 50- 98% Blockage of UVB rays

SPF 100- 99% Blockage of UVB rays

ZINC covers both UVA (1 &2) & UVB.  SPF is directly tied to the % of zinc found in the product.

Nanoparticles Most zinc oxide (and titanium dioxide) based sunscreens contain nanoparticles one-twentieth the width of a human hair. What are nanoparticles for? They are super tiny particles that are used to reduce or eliminate the chalky white tint that larger particles leave on the skin. Why are nanoparticles bad for us? Nanoparticles are bad because they can get into our blood stream and when activated by the sun can actually cause sun damage.

Young Living Mineral Sunscreen

Made with ingredients you can feel good about, Young Living’s Mineral Sunscreen provides protection against UVA and UVB rays without harsh chemical ingredients. With hypoallergenic ingredients and skin-loving essential oils, including Helichrysum, Carrot Seed, and Sacred Frankincense, Myrrh, Cistus, &  Ylang Ylang. this gentle sunscreen rubs on smoothly, so you can effortlessly apply it when you’re outdoors.

Mineral Sunscreen Lotion available in SPF 10 or 50

Contains non-nano zinc oxide that is coated in Jojoba Esters which creates a lightweight and invisible barrier that provides protection for UVA & UVB protection.

Formulated for all skin types

Water & sweat resistant for up to 80 minutes.


It is REEF safe, it’s good for ocean life!!

Check out the YL YouTube Video on SPF10 and the Product Information Sheet


We also need to talk about how to love your skin after being kissed by the sun. When you stay out in the sun too long, you need to refresh and help it recover. Thankfully  Young Living has a few options.

LavaDerm After-Sun Spray.

This naturally derived after-sun spray offers temporary relief from the pain and itching of minor burns, minor cuts, sunburns, scrapes, insect bites, and minor skin irritations, so your family can keep playing all day.

Using menthol from mint, this spray soothes and cools the skin, providing immediate relief from the effects of outdoor activity. Plus, its moisturizing qualities—from ingredients such as aloe, Lavender essential oil, and Helichrysum essential oil—also help prevent peeling and leave skin feeling soft and smooth instead of tacky or sticky. With a vegan-friendly formula made without alcohol, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic colorants, LavaDerm After-Sun Spray is ready for the whole family to use at the beach, on a hike, or during any outdoor playtime.

Benefits and Features

  • Temporarily relieves the pain and itching associated with minor burns, sunburn, minor cuts, scrapes, insect bites, and minor skin irritations
  • Dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic
  • Soothes and cools skin
  • Provides immediate relief
  • Moisturizes to help prevent peeling
  • Promotes healthy-looking skin
  • Made with plant-based and naturally derived ingredients
  • Formulated without alcohol, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic colorants

Product Information Sheet

LavaDerm Cooling Mist

Promote healthy skin with LavaDerm™, Young Living’s refreshing Lavender spray. It’s made with skin-loving ingredients such as aloe, Lavender, Northern Lights Black Spruce, and Helichrysum to gently support healthy-looking skin. Its mild and gentle formula lightly moisturizes while also soothing and rejuvenating skin. Incorporate its refreshing feel and calming aroma into your nighttime routine or use it as needed throughout the day. The compact and convenient design of this skin moisturizer spray makes it easy to store wherever you need it, whether in your purse, travel bag, bedside table, or office desk.

After that, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Young Living has a few options for Hand and Body Lotion. Lavender and the KidScents Lotion are the most popular! Made with plant-based ingredients, Hand & Body Lotion moisturizes and protects skin from overexposure for long-lasting hydration.

Young Living’s Coconut Lime Replenishing Body Butter features Lime essential oil and uses plant-based ingredients to deeply moisturize your skin with a non-greasy formula.



Homemade Sunscreen Recipe

Here is what you will need to order from Young Living :
1. Myrrh
2. Carrot Seed
3. Lavender

Other Ingredients you can order on Amazon:
1. Coconut Oil
2. Carrot Seed Oil or Jojoba Oil
3. Organic Beeswax Pellets
4. Organic Shea Butter
5. Zinc
6: Vitamin E

Other Supplies
Plastic Squeeze Bottle, 8oz
Plastic Pump Bottle, 6oz
Push up containers
Squeeze tubes
From your kitchen:
A kitchen scale
Glass bowl that will fit on top of pot (we make a double boiler)
Rubber spatula & Whisk ( You will need one that can be just for sunscreen and not used in food prep agin)
Paper towels
Hot mitts/pot holder


Dive in deeper and do your own research!

Check out the Environmental Working Groups (EWG) Guide to Sunscreen. Its a wealth of knowledge!

Toxin Free Makeup, Does it exist?

Thankfully I can say Yes! Toxin free makeup does exist. My name is Kara Rittenhouse and I started using Savvy make up as soon as it was introduced by Young Living last summer. I was unaware at the time how the makeup I was using was not so “bare” after all. I truly thought I was buying the best thing for my skin but unfortunately I was not. I am more then excited to share with you some of the things I have learned so you can choose if Savvy by Young Living is the best thing for you or if you are like me for your teenage daughter. Yes I am actually turning 40 this year and my oldest is 14! I can say switching over and using Young Living Skin Care and Savvy Makeup totally changed my skin. Its now healthy and glowing, free of blemishes and dry patches.

Welcome to the Savviest Savvy Blog party you will ever attend!

A Savvy woman should NEVER have to compromise quality for beauty. Savvy minerals makeup was designed and created to bring amazing women like YOU a makeup that WORKS, with only the finest ingredients that are beneficial to your skin.

Download this worksheet to take notes as you go!


At the end of this Blog class there will be information on how you can order. If you have someone whom you are already working with please contact them so they can help you order. If you don’t have someone to help you, I would be more then happy to. I don’t just sell Young Living but welcome new friends into my life and help educate them on a new path to health and wellness for their families.

Whether you’re looking for a safe toxin-free makeup or not, you will want to go with Savvy Minerals.

The number one thing most women want in a makeup is for it to make them LOOK and FEEL good. I know I sure do!

And that is fine. You totally deserve to look and feel like the beautiful person you are.

Even if you want your makeup to make you feel beautiful, wouldn’t you also be looking for a product that isn’t filled with a bunch of junk known to cause cancer, neurological problems, and infertility or other issues?

If that is you, you are going to be over the moon with Savvy Minerals makeup. It doesn’t have ANY junk in it.

None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. AND it makes you look and feel beautiful.

Savvy makeup enhances your natural beauty with ingredients that are beneficial to your skin.


Savvy No No’s

Many products have harmful ingredients that can affect your reproductive system, human development, organs, and more.

These harmful ingredients are NOT found in any Young Living products.

In YL Savvy Minerals, there are:

NO PETROCHEMICALS, including mineral oils made from petroleum that may cause breakouts, premature aging, and negatively affect your hormones and immune system.

No MAMA has time for any of that!

(Petrochemicals are found in many commonly available lotions, creams, ointments, and cosmetics.)

NO TALC, which can cause skin irritation, organ system toxicity (lungs, ovaries), and is a known carcinogen.

(Talc is found in many commonly available eyeshadow, blush, foundation, and face powder.)

NO PARABENS, which are known carcinogens (linked to skin cancer). It is another reproductive and development toxin.

NO PHTHALATES (listed as DEP, DBP, & DEHP on labels), which are toxic to the reproductive system and affect development.


Phthalates also disrupt your endocrine system and are known carcinogens.

YL products also contain:

No gluten
No nano-particles
No metals
No synthetic dyes
No synthetic fragrances
No bismuth – a popular filler found in makeup that causes skin irritation.

Wherever life takes you, Savvy Minerals is here to empower you to be the healthy woman you WANT and DESERVE to be.

Savvy Ingredients

Savvy makeup contains ingredients so safe you won’t mind your little girls following in your footsteps.

I want to stress the ingredients that Savvy Minerals DO contain because they affirmatively benefit your skin and are completely safe.

Ingredients in Savvy Minerals Makeup.

– Young Living Essential Oils

– Aspen Bark Extract has skin-softening properties and acts as a natural preservative. Bye Bye nasty parabens.

– Kaolin clay, which sucks out impurities such as grime, dirt, pollution, and germs from the pores. Hello, clear skin!

– Mica is completely safe and gives pure pigment color to your Savvy makeup.

– High-quality minerals

– Non-nano ingredients

Inside out

I can’t teach a makeup class without giving you some general health tips to create a beautiful healthy canvas (your skin) for your Savvy makeup.

Things like stress and diet hugely affect your skin’s appearance.

Learning how to decrease stress and adopt a healthy sustainable diet are two key factors to beautiful skin.

– STRESS can elevate hormone levels making you more prone to acne; it can trigger psoriasis; and it can cause premature aging.

Use your favorite de-stressing techniques like deep breathing, prayer, meditation, and exercise to lower stress. I also love using Stress Away oil on my temples, the back of my neck, or in the diffuser to decrease occasional stress.

– DIET is equally important. Collagen makes up 70 percent of your skin, and vitamin C plays a vital role in its synthesis. Antioxidant vitamins protect collagen, and vitamin A prevents dryness and roughness on the surface.

Essential fats are also needed for healthy skin.


Avoid sugar and processed food.
Avoid wheat and dairy. (I know this is SO HARD. You can totally do it!)
Eat healthy organic food like fruits, veggies, and protein.
Increase daily water intake.
Take your daily Young Living supplements.

YL supplements that support healthy skin:

NINGXIA RED is extremely high in antioxidants. One to two oz a day will do your body good.

SULFURZYME combines wolfberry with essential daily nutrients to support intestinal function and eliminate free radicals.

OMEGAGIZE is an omega-3, DHA-rich fish oil supplement.

LIFE 9 is a proprietary, high-potency probiotic that combines 17 billion live cultures from 9 beneficial bacteria strains that promotes healthy digestion, supports gut health, and helps maintain normal intestinal function.

Info taken from this site.

If you need some help learning more about sustainable healthy habits, let me know and I can help you!


Makeup Brushes

Don’t overlook one of the most important elements in your makeup case: professional make up brushes.

It’s truly amazing how much better your makeup can look just by using the right brushes.

The Savvy Starter Kit comes with one Foundation brush. It has long, fluffy, soft bristles made to distribute loose powder evenly across your face without dispensing too much product and making your makeup look cakey. You could also get away with applying blush or bronzer with this brush until you get your own full set of Savvy brushes, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

The Savvy brushes are:

– Made in Italy from high-quality hypoallergenic synthetic fibers.
– Designed to hold the optimal amount of product and provide easy makeup application and provide a luxurious feel.
– Easy-to-clean bristles that dry quickly.
– Dermatologist tested.
– Vegan friendly.

I actually never owned a set of NICE makeup brushes until getting the Savvy brush set. I was one of the lucky few who snagged one right when they came out! Now that I have used the Savvy brush set, I will never go back to my $15 set. I actually through them away… well except one I kept to apply my homemade dry shampoo!

The application process is easier with these brushes, with less wasted product, and it feels amazing on my face.

Young Living has a brush set which includes:

– Foundation Brush

– Blush Brush

– Veil Brush

– Blending Brush

– Eyeshadow Brush

– Carrying Case

Or you can purchase these brushes individually:

– Bronzer brush

-Concealer brush

– Eyebrow brush

– Contour brush

– Eyeliner brush

Misting Spray

Misting spray is 100% needed when you are using mineral makeup. It prevents the powder from just resting on the tiny hairs on your face. It allows your foundation to stay on longer and provide a smooth appearance on your skin, all while nourishing and freshening your skin..

The Misting spray is made with pure essential oils like Geranium, Bergamot, copaiba, Cedarwood, Black spruce, Orange, Lavender, Lime, Vanilla, Sage, Ocotea, AND ROSE, which is the most expensive oil. These oils provide an aroma that inspires confidence and is perfect for your skin.


Spray 1–3 pumps of Misting Spray onto a makeup brush and gently wipe off any excess moisture. Pick up mineral makeup using the brush. Apply mineral makeup to your face in desired area and reapply as needed.

NOTE: This is NOT a setting spray. You do not need a setting spray with Savvy Minerals makeup.


Foundation smooths your skin tone providing a uniform color perfect to build upon.

The variety of shades and colors offers something for everyone.

The colors are forgiving, making it easy to match online and you can blend colors to get your perfect match from season to season. I recommend getting two or three shades so you can use them throughout seasonal changes or mix as you tan or loss that tan durning the winter.

One misconception is that pale-skinned girls can’t be warm-toned. In fact, many fair-skinned women have warm undertones (Nicole Kidman is one of them!) and dark-skinned women have cool tones (supermodel Alek Wek is a cool tone.) Set your preconceptions about your skin tone aside and use these guidelines to determine which shade is best for you.

Let’s do this fun little quiz and you can keep track on your worksheet.

1. Check Your Veins.

Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. Are they green or blue/purple?

Warm = Greenish

Cool = Blue/purple

2. Natural undertones.

Your skin’s undertone is the color underneath the surface. You can have the same skin color as someone else, but a different undertone. Undertones are broken down like this:

Warm = yellow, peachy, golden undertones

Cool = pink, red or bluish undertones


3. The Jewelry Trick.

Think about whether you look better in silver or gold jewelry.

Warm = gold

Cool = silver/platinum

4. Favorite colors to wear.

Think about what neutral shades flatter you best. Do your eyes, skin, and face look better in browns and tans? Or bright white or black hues?

Warm = browns/tans

Cool = white/black


5. The Sun’s Effects.

When you’re out in the sun, does your skin turn a golden brown, or does it burn and turn pink first?

Warm = Golden-brown

Cool = Burn easy


BONUS QUESTION (not on your worksheet)
6. Eye and Hair Color.

Your natural eye and hair colors can help you figure out your coloring. Customarily, warm-toned women usually have brown, amber, or hazel eyes with strawberry blonde, red, brown, or black hair. Their hair tends to have gold, red, orange, or yellow undertones.

Conversely, cool people have eyes that are blue, gray, or green and have blond, brown, or black hair with blue, silver, violet and ash undertones.


Are you WARM or  COOL?



Apply your foundation past your jawline and onto your neck to avoid a line at your jawline.


Nothing says natural, youthful beauty like blushed cheeks. Savvy Minerals Blush boosts your natural radiance. The mineral-based ingredients are finely ground to provide a smooth, luxurious application. This also helps the product go on flawlessly, creating buildable color that blends well for all-day wear.

Savvy Minerals Blush comes in a range of colors to complement different skin tones, and the natural-looking shades give cheeks a perfect flush.

The Savvy PSK comes with one blush to match your foundation selection.


Apply blush with a blush brush. Start at the ball of your cheek and brush upward along the cheekbone towards the top of the ear. If you have a round face, apply to just the ball of the cheeks.


Add some subtle drama or make a bold statement with Savvy Minerals Eyeshadow. Savvy Minerals eyeshadows are made from a finely ground mineral base.

With a variety of shades, Savvy Minerals Eyeshadow makes it easy to create natural and dramatic looks that complement every skin tone. The colors are buildable. You can layer and blend to create your own custom color. It wears all day, so you have one less thing to worry about with your busy schedule.

The Savvy PSK comes with 3 eyeshadow shades to compliment your foundation color.


– Apply ‘Best kept secret’ to entire eyelid as a primer. (This comes in every Savvy PSK)

– Choose the medium to light shade and apply for the lower lid color.

– Choose the medium to darker shade and apply right above the eye socket into the crease of the eyelid.

– Give a highlight and make those eyes shine with the lightest shade from your PSK. Apply a small amount to the inside corner of your eye and a little right below your eyebrow crease.


Wet your brush with the misting spray before you apply the eyeshadow. This is called foiling. “Foiling” is mixing a liquid with your minerals to deepen the mineral’s color and hold it onto your skin…even better than it stays already. This creates a more solid, uniform, and pigmented look.

Apply YL Lip balm, (YES, I said lip balm) to your eyelids before applying eyeshadow. This creates a damp sticky surface for long lasting shadow.

Watch this quick tutorial tutorial on YouTube by Melissa Poepping!

Lipgloss & Lavender

It doesn’t matter if you are a high heel and lip gloss gal or more into flip flops or tennis shoes. Savvy lip gloss pairs well with everything.

Of course, like every other Savvy product, it brings out your natural beauty without compromising on quality.

Savvy Minerals by Young Living™ Lip Gloss provides natural-looking sheer to medium color coverage while adding shine. It applies flawlessly without the sticky feeling of many lip glosses.

This lip gloss moisturizes and softens lips, while making them look fuller (thanks to the Peppermint oil) for a high-shine pout that completes your look.

Layer your lip gloss and your favorite Savvy Lipstick to go from a fresh, natural day look to an evening look with a bolder color impact!

*Not tested on animals. Does contain beeswax.


Another gem in the Savvy Minerals PSK is Lavender essential oil. Lavender is one of the most versatile oils and perfect for your skin. Add a drop to your moisturizer in the am and pm to maintain healthy skin.


Pick your Savvy PSK

Now that we have gone through all the products found in the NEW Savvy Premium Starter Kit, it is time to pick what kit will work best for you.

Go back to your worksheet to see if you determined you were a warm or cool tone.

Take a look at the four foundation options to decide which color will work best for you. Remember, you can always add another shade, lighter or darker, to blend to get your perfect color. Trust me, it doesn’t take a makeup artist to blend these beautiful colors.

The Savvy Minerals PSK includes:

1 Foundation (4 options)
1 Blush
3 Eyeshadows
1 Lip Gloss
Misting Spray
Foundation Brush
5-ml Lavender essential oil
Savvy Minerals by Young Living Booklet
Introduction to Young Living Booklet

Savvy PSK OPTION 1 item #23830


Savvy PSK OPTION 2 item #23834


Savvy PSK OPTION 3 item #23832

Savvy PSK OPTION 4 item #23833


Best way to save!

I have defiantly have dropped some major money at the makeup counter and I am the first one to admit that it is not something I like to do! I actually save a TON of money by buying not only my make up but all my bath, body, home, health and wellness products all through Young Living!

I do this by using the Essential Rewards program. Ordering through this program will help you maximize rewards while you build an amazing skincare and makeup arsenal along with ditching and switching out some other toxic products hiding in your home!

Young Living skincare line is infused with beneficial essential oils along with safe, effective ingredients. The ART system is perfect for every woman. The Satin Mint Facial Scrub is gentle and refreshing and the Renewal Serum helps create a smooth flawless surface for your Savvy makeup without clogging pores.

Check out the full catalog here: Savvy & ART

Some other popular favorites from the Savvy collection to help you broaden your Savvy collection are, Jet-setter eyeliner, bronzer, MultiTasker to fill in brows or cover gray hairs, and the Veil diamond dust to absorb oils left on your skin and create a natural glow.

Essential Rewards is a monthly auto-ship.

50 PV minimum order each month.

Gifts at 3, 6, 9, & 12 months.

Receive ER points back you can use to purchase free products. 10% month 1-3, 20% month 4-24, 25% month 25+

Free products when you hit a100, 190, 250, or 300 PV order. ***** THIS IS HOW YOU SCORE EACH MONTH****



New ART skin care system – $113 PV

(This includes a Gentle Cleanser, Toner, and Light moisturizer.)

Combine your Savvy PSK with your Essential Rewards purchase and qualify for the 100 PV and 190 PV promotions. Membership sign-up is the only time a PSK can be combined with an ER order in the same purchase and receive ER points on the entire PV total.

(PSK = 100 PV + 113 PV = 213 PV Qualifies you for the 190 PV promotions)


Renewal Serum – $77 PV

Bronzer – $27.75 PV

(104.75 PV – Qualifies for the 100 PV ER promo)


Satin mint facial scrub – $16.75 PV

Veil Diamond dust – $45 PV

Eyeliner – Jet Setter – $15.75 PV

MultiTasker – $20.75 PV

Lip balm – $4.25 PV

(102.50 PV – Qualifies for the 100 PV ER promo)

Thank you!

Just a friendly reminder that if you have someone whom you are already working with please contact them so they can help you order. As much as I want to grow my business, I don’t do it at the expense of others whom are doing the same thing! Support your friends!

If you don’t have someone to help you, I would be more then happy to do so. I don’t just sell Young Living but welcome new friends into my life and help educate them on a new path to health and wellness for their families.
If you order your Savvy PSK from me I will send you a special gift just for you!

Please fill out this form once you have ordered!

I also have an extensive online FB group that has over 3o classes just like this that can help you on your path to healthy living!

If you want more information on Young Living and Essential Oil check out this first and then feel free to email me here.

Clean Water

One thing I have been thinking a lot about has been access to clean drinking water while the kids and I travel. I have read many blog post and watched countless YouTube videos on keeping a RV fresh water tank clean but something about that just doesn’t sit right with me. Add the fact that we are buying a used (aka classic) RV I just want to make sure our drinking water is 100% ok.

Beside putting filters on the RV water intake I have found the Berkey Water Filter should be a good option!

Do you have a Berkey? What do you love about it?

Fishing in MN

6/24/18 Sunday

My In laws took us out on their boat & the kids got to go fishing. The boys had so much fun despite the lack of biting fish. We then headed over to my FIL cousin house on the lake and kids went swimming for a few minutes since it was cold and windy! Kai is busy working on his Jr. Ranger Angler Badge for fishing! Just download the booklet online and they can do it at home!

I love that the kids can earn badges for things we get to do outside of the with family we are visiting!


Arriving at the Grandparents Farm


Brookings, SD to Northern Minnisota

We finally made it to my in-laws in MN today around dinner time! 🙌🏼🙌🏼The boys jumped out of the van so fast screaming “Grandma!!!” #ithinkthatmadeherday 

Grandpa still drives a truck so he wasn’t home yet.

We ate dinner and I got the van unpacked- which took forever! 😞#toomuchstuff

We eventually got showers and settled in for the night but Keanu came in and crawled into my bed. I love to watch him wind down, he sits there counting on his fingers or trying to sound out words. The last two days in the car we had been talking about MPH. I had explained the concept and we worked on some word problems. They have also been working on regrouping when they are adding big numbers together. I could hear him mumbling about regrouping and he was counting up to ten then added that to his 40. “Yep 50″he mumbles. “Good job Keanu” he said to himself 😂😂

South Dakota

Tuesday 6/19/18

The day started off with me getting gas 👍🏼#ididnotforget 😂😂 But as I pulled out from the pump my tire pressure light went off & it was at 26 PSI 😳#yikes I pulled around the building and filled it up and I could hear it hissing 👎🏼#notgood Thankfully there was a tire shop just a block away. The guys there were so kind and got me on the road quick! Thank you J&S Restore in Kadoka!

Did you know there are no tire tubes in the tires? Like a bike has. I always thought there was! I thought that was what needed replacing when you got a nail but they put glue and the patch on inside of the tire. #learnsonethingneweveryday 

We drove a bit and found an old western town to explore. It was neat but it sure does need some fixing up and a good dusting! 🤧 

I decided I had enough driving for the day and lucked out on finding a Holiday Inn hotel with a waterslide in Brookings, SD! I’m officially the best mom ever! 

 #thebestmomever #whereintheusaretheritfits #oilyartist #roadtrip#roadschooling #summertravels #seetheusa #flattire #westerntown#1800Town #southdakota

Mt. Rushmore

Monday 6/18/18

Casper, WY to Mt. Rushmore, SD

I pulled a rookie move and forgot to get gas when I left. Luckily #waze was wrong on how far the next gas station was 🙌🏼🙌🏼 #wontdothatagain 😂😂


We left under sunny sky’s but it was cold! #55degrees #notsandleweather The rain set in and although we made it to #mtrushmorenationalmemorial you could not see it! Thankfully we have been there before! We were there so the kids could earn their #jrrangerbadge and eat #thomasjeffersonicecream 🍨🍨🍨🍨so I call that a successful trip!


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Zion National Park


Day 3. Las Vegas,NV to Zion National Park, UT

We arrived in Zion and it has to be one of the most beautiful places I have seen so far. The landscape is so majestic and my photos can not even come close to seeing the landscape in person. Put this place on your Bucket List! We will defiantly be going back at some point. I was lucky to snag just one night at the Lodge and there were no rooms in the area to be found, otherwise we were wanting to stay at least another night. Despite the lack of rooms, we made the most of our time there. Our first stop of course was to get the kids Jr. Ranger Booklets. If you have not experienced this program check out the National Park Service Website.   We were first introduced to the JRP 2 summers ago when we visited The Grand Canyon. There the boys even got book bags filled with gear to help them complete the booklets. This was such a great and unexpected tool to help them learn about the park. My husband and I enjoyed it too! Since then we have the kids do the booklets any National Site they are available. They even have an online program if you can’t visit them in person!

Back to Zion… Did I tell you it was so beautiful?

We arrived Friday late afternoon and explored the Nature Center and the river along the river walk before hoping on the bus back to the Lodge for the Ranger talk at 8pm and dinner at 8:30pm.

After sitting in the dark watching the dear we headed back to our room and got ready for bed. The next day we got up and took the bus to the Temple of Sinawava. This is where you can start hiking The Narrows, which is a hike up river and if you Google it will find some pretty amazing photos! I figured we would start hiking a very short portion of it, but there was a possibility of Flash Flood that day so I decided not to risk it with the kids. We also were not prepared to hike it to far as we only had slippers (aka flip flops) I was not sure of how deep the water was or how cold so I did not want to rent equipment in advanced. The kids were perfectly content playing in the water where the trail started!

We got back on the shuttle and stoped at every stop so we could find the information needed for the kids to complete their JRP booklets. Once we were done we stoped at the Visitors Center for them to turn them in and get sworn in!

We headed into town for dinner before I started driving. It was 5pm on Saturday by the time I got on the road. I had no specific destination to get to but drove as far as I could. I made it just past the Young Living Farm in Mona UT. It was bitter sweet driving by. I was supposed to be at the conference that was being held in Salt Lake City that weekend and I had many friends attending. I thought our house sale was going to be delayed so I ended up selling our the kids camp tickets so I wasn’t out the money and those who needed to bring their kids could do so. I ended up getting out of town a bit late but could of made it if I had the tickets still, although we would of missed the opportunity to see Zion, which I was truly grateful for!

I snagged a hotel room at a Holiday Inn Express and sent them off to the pool for 30mins before it closed and grabbed a quick shower.

Sunday 7/17 Father’s Day. We got up and had breakfast and I was able to make it to Casper, WY which was about a 7 hr drive. It was so windy I had to drive mostly 60 & the posted speed limit was 80! But with the cargo bag on roof and bikes on back the wind was pushing me! 😳 My hands hurt so much I had to pull off a few times just to shake them out. 😭

We are Off!


Day 1 of our adventure. CA to Las Vegas

We are officially leaving CA after selling and packing out our house. My van is so jam packed I deserve an award for effective packing. Since it was a sudden change of plans to have to wait on getting the RV, I had movers take as much as I could but definitely wish I had extra time to effectively pair down more. I need to get it weighed before I unpack it!

We got on the road 3 hours later then I wanted to but we needed supplies at Walmart & haircuts for all!

Our drive was much longer since my van had less get up and go with the added weight & wind resistance.

We finally made it to Las Vegas in the evening and it was HOT! We were surprised to find out Keao’s Dad & Stepmom were in town for a conference. Unfortunately her stepmom had to fly out before we got there but we were able to get together for dinner with her dad and check out the view on The High Roller before he had to head home to Hawaii.

I had gotten a room at Circus Circus expecting from the online photos and description that it would be a fun place to relax with the kids. They had done so much to get help sell the house and pack out, I wanted our first destination to be FUN! … unfortunately that was not the case. I have NEVER seen such a dirty and gross hotel. I’m a pretty simple girl and I don’t need fancy things and defiantly do not mind old (aka classic) furnishings. What I can not stand is something being dirty. Everything was dirty. They was inches of dust in the game area and I found this nasty hair ball on the floor. I said something to the girl working at the desk and she gave me the death stare when I pointed it out. That just shows the people who work there take pride in keeping the place up. I can not even explain how awful it was to walk through the building, all of us got so nauseous from the fragrance they pump into the air to cover up the smoke smell. It was a cover your nose with shirt kind of walk! yuck!

Unfortunately I found out how unsafe that hotel really is by reading that a couple was murdered in the hotel by door pushers. After reading about that I realized I had not popped the security lock like I normally do. I promptly went over to the door to find out there was not one. No wonder people are pushing open the doors!

Where is the security lock!?


So so excited to see my paintings find amazing homes right before we had the house packed up. Art needs to be seen and enjoyed!

I will be painting as I travel, look for new piece in the near future!