Emotions I wasn’t expecting

As much as selling the house and traveling was my grand idea, packing up the art studio has been so hard! I had many plans for my little studio and it makes me sad to not see them unfold.

The kids I had the opportunity to teach was such a blessing and part of me feels like I’m letting them down while I move on with my own kids to give them what they need.

I pray that the time we had together was enough to grant them the love and passion for art for the rest of their lives!


How close are your kids?

If my kids ever complain about the RV being to small I’m saving these because this is how they have been sleeping (yes that’s a twin bed!) and sitting on the sofa.

Since they have all been Homeschooling I’ve noticed all of our stress and anxiety levels are way down and we have all become closer. I never realized how much getting up and out of the house along with homework was effecting us all!

I will say this over and over again: I never expected to be the mom who homeschooled. I didn’t think I had the patience nor was I capable. I was so wrong. If you have any doubt, forget it. Dive in head first. You will discover things about your kids and yourself, you all will become stronger and better together!