Big Changes Ahead

Growing up I only imagined myself living a nomad lifestyle. Unmarried and with no kids. I didn’t want to stay in one place. I envisioned traveling and doing art a long the way and snagging a waitressing job to supplement my starving artist income. But God had other plans for me first! I was blessed to become a mom and fall in love. My soon to be husband was joining the Navy so moving every couple of years didn’t scare me away. We have lived in quite a few places over the last 11 years like: CA, HI, PA, SC, MA, RI, CA. Having the opportunity to move so much allowed us to meet many amazing friends and we got to explore each area. I will say the moves the last few years have been hard, especially on our daughter. Our plan was to stay in CA for 5 years, if possible, so she could finish high school. We bought a house, I started my art studio and we set things up to stay long term in the San Diego area.

Unfortunately my daughter stress and anxiety was at an all time high and she was struggling at school. At her request she asked to join her brothers and homeschool. We of course had an adjustment period and figured out what curriculum to use and how we (her and I) wanted to approach homeschool. I noticed my kids learned the most when we went and did things together. That they talked about those experiences for months and years afterwards. Especially our trips to the National Parks, Zoos, our boat field trip or museums we visited.

With having the kids home, it afforded us the flexibility to get out and do things but unfortunately we had such busy lives that was difficult to do. Between homeschooling, the kids sports, my art studio and my oil education business I still had to take care of the house because my husband job kept him away most of the day. I was burnt out. We had achieved “The American Dream” and I felt like it was a farce! Our quality of life was not what I had imagined and I knew we had to make some drastic changes. I craved a more simple life. Honestly I didn’t know how to change things, at least not until my husband came home and explained that his schedule was going to be very busy and he would mostly be gone for the majority of his next assignment. I explained my ideas to my husband of simplifying and selling the house so I could do an extended road trip with the kids while he was gone. He thought I was crazy at first but eventually warmed up to the idea.

So our house is officially on the market and a road trip is being planned!

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