Quick Meal, no fuss!

Don’t you ever get tired of eating? Or just the process of cooking? Yeah me too!!! Seriously if I had the money I would have a personal chef! No kidding! But unfortunately I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and I don’t play the loto!

Skipping meals is so bad for your metabolism, and just snacking in the pantry and fridge can add up to a lot if extra calories! So I just love to have something quick and easy on hand to help keep me on track!

So my solution is a quick meal replacement shake, or MRS! I’ve tried many brands over the years but my favorite brand is AdvoCare! It gives you the perfect balance of protein (24g) and carbs (24g) with 220 calories to help sustain your nutritional needs!

My husbands favorite is the Chocolate Mocha but due to my dairy allergy I get the Vegetarian Dark Chocolate. I miss the creamy texture of a milk based shake so I mix mine with Almond milk, but the shakes are complete meals and only need water!