Being Transparent, Combating Stress and Fresh Meal Delivery


STRESS! ugh! I think stress play a huge role in our road to health and happiness. Just think about it, have you ever seen a happy, fit stressed out person? Nope me either! But unfortunately we all have stress in our lives and we need to figure out constructive ways to handle or reduce our stress. I have been thinking about stress a lot these last few months since my stress level has spun out of control, effecting me in many ways. I frankly am tired of being stressed out, so I started thinking about how to DE-stress my life, but I had to dig down and ask some questions, I had to be honest with myself about what I was doing and then find a solution.

First I think you need to figure out the root of the problem, I was very quick to get annoyed with my husband and my kids and blame them, but they were not the cause of my frustration just a product of it which compounded the problem. For me the root of my problem is Pain. I have a medical condition that effects my legs, it causes swelling, easy busing and CONSTANT pain. My condition is effected by my hormones and this past fall I had developed a few ovarian cyst which kicked my leg pain into high gear. I can’t get rid of my pain right now, but I can deal with how I respond to it.

Next I looked at what in my life do I do now, or always have done to combat stress. Sometimes this is not always a positive thing, like turning to food for comfort. For many years eating my stress was normal, almost ingrained into me. I felt my self slipping after my bought with the ovarian cysts so I buckled down for a bit, and did a 24 Day Challenge, but once I was done I started to slowly slip back into my bad habits trying to feed my pain induced stress. I love my sweets- my handful of chocolate chips turned into 2-3 a day and that tub of GF cookie dough I bought for the kids was eating completely by me! Wine or more recently Hard Apple Cider became my relaxing drink after teaching boot camp (I know BAD!), and my easy go to foods of Nachos, pizza and burgers made weekly appearances. Even though we eat DF & GF, its still not healthy for you everyday, not to mention I was doing everything I tell my clients NOT TO DO! And too much sugar and salt also effects my legs. One positive thing I turn to is exercising, this started in college but exercise has become much more important to me after having kids. Its become my de-stress time, it was my hour of me time, to push myself physical and mentally to reset myself to take on the challenges of raising some great kids. BootCamp gives me my strength, shows me I’m capable of being strong, of becoming stronger. Teaching is that and so much more, I have to push my self physical but mentally connecting the two leading the class, watching peoples form, and connecting with those in class. Those who know me or take my class laugh with me at the fact I can’t talk and count at the same time, but I’m getting better and when I slip up they get be back on track, and they don’t really mind the extra reps, Right? 🙂 I love to swim and bike, this actually helps my legs so much because its low impact and helps push fluid naturally out of the legs, since our neighborhood pool is closed for the winter and its been to cold to ride my bike theses have slipped out of my routine, which does not help my pain!

Ok so far I realized Pain is my root cause, my nutrition is slipping which is causing more pain and lack of exercise (biking and swimming) is also causing me more pain. This then carries over into keeping up with the house work, my business and most importantly my relationship with my husband and my kids. I feel like I have no time during the day to keep up with stuff around the house not to mention just doing stuff I enjoy like crafts or art. I started to wish I had some sister wives- I seriously told my husband he could take some on if one cooked, one cleaned and one watched the kids- he looked at me like I was crazy! lol, it was my low point! Hiring a cleaning lady crossed my mind many time but frankly I would be the type to clean before the cleaning lady came because I was embarrassed there was food stuck on the floor board. I actually don’t mind cleaning, I think its my OCD but I cant stand a dirty messy house. Yeah I’m not one of those you will see posting one of these:


Nope I’d go crazy seeing stuff on the floor, I can’t relax and enjoy my kids and a crazy mom makes for unhappy kids! So I had to figure out what I did not enjoy doing and that has become cooking and cleaning the kitchen. I used to enjoy it, hence all the food post, but have you noticed I’ve been MIA on that front??!! Why can’t I have a personal chef, you know the ones that are on duty in your house wearing a white chefs coat and whipping up yummy food on the whim…. thanks Hollywood for making me wish! Too bad I cant eat out every meals, we would go bankrupt if we did, I would eat fries at each meal and having kids sit still in a restaurant is not so easy. When I was in college I remember there was a fresh meal delivery services, although it was too expensive for me on a college budget it got me Goggling “healthy meal delivery Charleston” To my surprise there were two businesses here locally. One in MT. Pleasant and one in the West Ashley area. I contacted both to see if they could accommodate our food allergies and one of them, Charleston Fit & Fresh could! The cost was very reasonable, I’m actually saving money each month. I looked at what I had been spending on grocery shopping, and dining out. I was so surprised at how much we truly spent! Not to mention the gas used going to the store, the time and hassle of shopping with kids!


I decided to try it for a week to see if my husband, the kids and myself like the meals. I met with Jon and Lindsay, who are the brains behind Charleston Fit & Fresh They are Certified Personal Trainers and Nutrition Counselors, like myself. They both have been a pleasure to work with, I had many questions about making our meals GF/DF and ordering so many meals, they both have emailed or called me back and been so helpful. Lindsy even was trying out a muffin recipe she uses made without a milk based protein powder for us and she sent some samples. They were great!)
Its been 5 days so far and I have to say I am SOLD on Charleston Fit & Fresh! Here is how it works:
You sign up online and pay for your meal package. Its so flexible you can order one meal a week or 3 meals a day for 7 days plus snacks and deserts. After you pick your meal plan you choose your meals from a drop down menu, orders are due by Friday by midnight for Monday delivery. Your freshly prepared meals come in cooler bags, delivered right to your door.



Since we ordered 3 meals a day for 7 days our delivery is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The don’t have kid sized meals so my 3 kids (9,5,2) split one adult meal perfectly! We have all enjoyed the meals, the chili, pulled pork and salmon have been a huge hit for dinner and the kids loved the Cobb salad and me and Mark really liked the Sesame chicken noodle and Nicoise salad! Each week their menu changes so we are looking forward to trying some new food choices!

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I think fresh wholesome meal delivery is such a needed service in our lives, it the perfect balance between fast food and home cooked meals. One of the biggest things clients tell me is they don’t have time for shopping for healthy foods, which takes a lot of prep time, packing and taking lunches and snacks to work. In our busy lives with sports practices, games or after school activities I can see busy families thriving off this service. Charleston Fit & Fresh even has a family meal plan for dinner for those busy evenings! So check out their service, let them know you heard about them from me and post some photos of your yummy food & feedback on my FB page! Ill be posting more there myself!

Luckily I have found a great Dr, who is actively trying to help me control my pain level with out doping me up because I hate taking medication, especially narcotics! Next week I start water therapy and I’m planing on hitting up some CrossFit Classes just to work on me and be a student. I don’t want to know it all, or ever be perfect, or even be free from struggling each day. I love learning new things, I think the process makes me stronger, allowing me to grow as a person, and become a better trainer/coach.

So dig down, ask yourself what is the root cause of your stress. Find something that you can adjust in your life to reduces that stress and work through it! I believe we each have that power within ourselves!