24 Day Challenge!

The 24 Day Challenge is an excellent way to jump-start your health goals! The challenge is designed to help you learn how to fuel your body with proper nutrition and healthy supplementation. The challenge is broken up into 2 parts. The first 10 days is the cleanse phase. This is easy and gentle on your system, so no need to stay home close to the restroom! You will be eating 3 meals a day and 2-3 snacks as well! Lots of good healthy food, and lots of water! A complete guide will keep you on track with the help of your coach! Find my 24DC Guide and cookbook on my website here. Also look on the blog for challenge friendly recipes.

People choose the challenge for many reasons. Often it’s for weight-management but its really for anyone that wants to look, feel and perform better in their everyday life or in their workouts. A custom plan can be made based on your needs, so work with a Advisor who can truly help you!


Days 1-3: Spark, Fiber Drink, Catalyst start your morning off on the right track. Omegaplex (high grade fish oil) is taken at 2 meals and then the Herbal Cleanse tablets are taken at bed time. * Tip: Mix the Spark first, then add fiber drink to that and slam before it gets thick! I think it taste like supper pulpy OJ!

What’s Catalyst? Its one of my favorite products and an add on to the Challenge! It helps maintain muscle mass during exercise, and helps repair & protect muscle tissue.


Day 4-7: We stop the fiber drink and take the Probiotic Restore in the morning with the Spark. Omegaplex at two meals and Herbal cleanse tablets at night.


Day 8-10: Restart the Fiber Drink! Take Catalyst and Probiotic Restore in the morning with the Spark and Fiber Drink. Omegaplex at two meals. No more Herbal cleanse tablets at night!


Day 11-24: This is called the max phase. You will start you MNS3 vitamin strip, which contains your daily nutrition of Multivitamin, Calcium, Omegplax, Probiotic, and a few others to help with appetite control, metabolism and immune system boosters. See photo below.
Keep up with Spark and Catalyst. I use Biotools, a 2 part system, also to help improve muscle performance and recovery through a formula of antioxidant rich botanicals combined with B vitamins and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).


SO what’s the Cost??? The retail price on the Bundled 24DC kit is currently on sale till January 21st for $175. With 2 bottles of catalyst it will be $238. Which is less then $10 per day! Want to save even more? Sign up as a wholesale customer for $79, receive $50 of Spark and Slam for signing up and you get 20% off! No auto ships or min orders! Bigger discount of 25-40% off are also available. Ask your Advisor for details for ordering options for getting the higher discount!


What happens after the 24 Days?

You continue on the Max Phase, and can add on other products based on your needs. Many people choose to add on products from the Performance Elite line to aid them in getting more out of their workouts! Check out the products and time line here, but speak with your Advisor for help: www.advocare.com/elite/

Need a Advisor to work with? Contact me at kara@rit-fit.com or find one in your area by searching on AdvoCare.com