My “One Day” Shorts

This was something I wrote April/May in 2012. I was reminded of it and thought I would share….
My “One Day” Shorts.
By Kara Rittenhouse

We all have them, they are tucked back in a drawer, up high on the shelf, stored in some box or plastic container for “One Day”, you know that “One day these ________ will fit, one day I will loose the weight.” That is what I call my “One Day Clothes” ….until today, because I now don’t own any more.
I didn’t get fed up, I didn’t become complacent or accept what was staring back at me in the mirror. I worked harder at Boot Camp, I ate cleaner and healthier then I was already, I started using AdvoCare. I became passionate about being healthy for me, for my family and raising my kids to be healthy. I started helping other people because you can’t be the best until you help other people be better.

The other night I was cleaning out my daughters closet, and came across a pair of board shorts I bought almost 10 years ago when I first moved out to Hawaii in College. I bought them at Costco so I didn’t get to try them on, so I made my best guess on size. Of course they were too small and seeing I was a guest and had no car they weren’t getting returned. So they became my “One Day Shorts”. I finally put them into my daughters closet thinking she will grow into them one day. As I pulled those shorts out and held them in my hand I wondered if they would fit… I tried them on….and they were to BIG!…. HAPPY DANCE ensued….and I went to bed thankful for having the two things that have changed my life for the better- the healthier. BootCamp and AdvoCare!

Get healthy, Get Fit, Get rid of those “One Day” clothes by fitting into (or out) of them!